Gabriel Gorgi is the premier corporate headshot photographer in Paris

A pioneer in his field, he built his notoriety thanks to the authentic expressions he captures for his corporate portraits.

We offer high-end visual quality that demonstrates the strength of your brand and that you are among the best in your industry.

Gabriel Gorgi is the premier corporate headshot photographer in Paris.

A pioneer in his field, he built his notoriety thanks to the authentic expressions he captures for his corporate portraits.

We offer high-end visual quality that demonstrates the strength of your brand and that you are among the best in your industry.


As a corporate portrait photographer for professionals in Paris, our technique is based on three elements. They are crucial and account for 90% of the success of a photo. They always remain the same: composition, lighting, and most importantly expression.

I'm not photogenic.

Photogenicity, fortunately, is a myth!

We see beautiful photos of furniture, sandwiches, and cars everywhere!

It is definitely possible to take beautiful photos of anyone! You just need to master the right techniques.

Proof by example: Here are two comparisons of traditionally used portrait techniques against our own advanced techniques, applied to the same individuals. The difference is enormous!

Traditional techniques
Portrait corporateOur advanced techniques
Traditional techniques
Our advanced techniques


A comparaison?

Our technique is based on three elements. They touch us and they make 90% of the success of a photo. They are always the same: composition, light and expression.

Here’s a proof: do you remember the photos presented above on the page? Here are two traditional photo comparisons / our photos.

Traditional Portraits

Our Headshots

Example photo traditionnelle - 01
Exemple photo traditionnelle - 02
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Being photogenic, fortunately, is a myth.
The details and harmony of the subject’s face play a tiny role in our impression when we observe a photo.

Defining our Corporate Photographer's goal

The purpose of our headshots is to create the most beautiful portrait of the subject and sublimate his face, relying on a light technique that Gabriel has developed and allowing the person photographed to communicate a precise feeling: self-confidence.

For us, this feeling is essential to the success of a professional photo, whose purpose is to succeed in the first impression.

That is why, for each person, we offer pose training in order to develop, together, a posture that allows this feeling to be transmitted.

Headshot VS Classic Portrait: Why does headshot better meet your needs?


A classic portrait has no specific frame.

It is usually a vertical photo, framing the head to the waist. Other corporate portraits include 3⁄4 of the person, or even the whole body.

The headshot, on the other hand, offers a horizontal and much tighter frame. It includes only the head and shoulders. A wise choice: only the face can identify a person, the stomach, arms (etc.) are only a distraction.

Today, the headshot is used everywhere: websites, brochures, magazines, books, etc., although its name is still unknown to the general public.

For several years, for example, all social networks have been displaying your profile picture in headshot format.

It is therefore more efficient and consistent to create a beautiful corporate headshot, rather than working on another photo format that will ultimately be remodeled into a headshot.


A professional portrait uses the environment around the subject to create his universe.
Indeed, a corporate photographer uses natural light to also highlight the background behind the photographed subject.

The headshot offers another value proposition: it is about showing the most beautiful possible version of the person’s face. To create it, the photographer uses flashes to control the light very precisely and highlight the subject. A sober background, of a unique color (grey or white), allows the face to remain the hero of the photo.

A sober background, of a unique color (grey or white), allows the face to remain the hero of the photo.


Originally, the headshot was created for the world of cinema, so that casting directors could select their actors. Indeed, thanks to this technique, expressions are highlighted, offering a composition identical to that used in the seventh art.

In the professional world, the headshot allows you to communicate a strong message: that of trust. This is the key to a successful photo! As a corporate photographer expert in headshot, Gabriel will share with you his tips to convey this feeling. Depending on your role, accessibility can also be worked on.

In regard of these major differences in composition, light and expression, we understand why the headshot is increasingly appealing to companies for their corporate communication and marketing operations, while the standard portraiture no longer finds its place.

What is corporate photography?

Corporate headshot photography is used by companies, large and small, to promote their brand and set the visual tone of their identity. The most common types of images used for corporate photography are professional portraits and portraits of company staff. They are used on websites, brochures, stationery, advertising/marketing materials, annual reports, social media, etc. These images tell customers or investors a lot about the company’s staff and culture. Large corporate photos highlight the quality of the services or products offered and, when they are well taken, they help promote the standards to which the company adheres in its daily activities.

A corporate headshot photographer approaches a corporate photo shoot with great precision and execution. With a detailed agenda and a program prepared in advance, he can execute at the highest level on the day of the session. Absenting employees and labor resources is expensive for companies, so it is important that the corporate photographer respects the set schedules – often, executives and employees of the company have a very short window for their session and the photographer must ensure that they respect the schedule.

When making corporate headshots, it is important to understand the aesthetic style, culture and photo requirements of customers. Will the images be used on a website? How will they be posted on the site? Does everyone have to face a specific direction? Do all images have to be uniform in terms of height or cut, tone (serious or playful)? It must be seriously thought about before shooting and these details must already be known to the corporate photographer.

What are the best poses for corporate portraits?

Experienced corporate headshot photographers have a series of lighting settings and poses that they use and that can vary considerably from one photographer to another. Here are our proven tips on how to get the best results for your corporate portraits – remember that you will always be under strong pressure to provide beautiful images on time:

Posture – Body language is an important aspect of corporate photography. Body language for corporate images must convey confidence, trust, self-control and authority – all qualities that are important in business. Corporate photography topics are often high-level executives who will need you to highlight these qualities during their session. We encourage subjects to stand or sit straight. Ask them to firmly join their hands or adopt an inflated posture – such as having their hands around their waist or slightly flared elbows. You must also determine whether their posture is tilted forward or backward. A forward-inclined posture means confidence, ease of approach and gives good results. A rear-sloping posture conveys the opposite, i.e. qualities such as shyness, rigidity, distance and lack of accessibility. These postures should be avoided at all costs in corporate portraits.

Lighting – We personally use a three-light installation, with stripboxes for precise light and shadow control. A corporate photographer must know the lighting qualities of his cameras. Light boxes create shadows and soft lights, while most flashes produce hard/intense lights. The distance from your flashes, because the fall of light can produce radically different effects. In addition, the different skin tones may require slight adjustments to the lighting between subjects. We avoid photographing hot spots – pure white spots on the skin, which are the result of too strong or too intense lights.

Reflections, shadows and other optical anomalies – We always take reflections into account in our corporate images, such as glare on glasses, and we know the best angles to position flashes to eliminate glare and obtain excellent lighting. Many people in the business world wear glasses and you have to be able to make the right adjustment quickly. When we take group photos, we are aware of the shadows that are created when one subject stands in front of another – it can be important to properly space the subjects or change the angle of the flashes. Depending on the power of the lenses and the angle of your subject, it can also create optical illusions in the lenses. We keep an eye on these illusions because it may be necessary to recommend a different angle or a pose that mitigates the effect.

Details – We make sure to check the images individually after each batch shot to make sure to catch the cross tie, the irregular collar, the hair that covers the eyes or anything that could spoil an otherwise excellent shot.

Why do you need a corporate portrait?

  1. Increase empathy with your corporate headshots

Whatever the sector of activity of your company, it is essential to make the link between what your company does and the person behind the action. A potential customer must feel comfortable choosing your company over another. The key to earning a customer’s trust is to be as honest as possible and show that you have confidence in what you do. Trust is a subjective feeling rather than a rational act. Empathy is instinctively triggered by human contact.

  1. Put your staff in their best light

Corporate portraits are the best way to give the image of your company and your employees. The absence of photos on your site will make it bland and identityless. But what is even worse is a site with bad photos of your employees, it could be catastrophic for your reputation.

To avoid these problems, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Do your employees make you want to work there? To get these attractive and quality photos, call on a professional photographer, it will help you give the right impression of your business.

Here is a little tip: make a list of your company’s values and give it to the photographer so that he can transmit them through the photos. This will help the photographer define parameters such as body language, clothing, lighting and expression.

  1. A beautifully made identity photo, for personal use as well

A corporate portrait is not only an element to add to your website, but also a personal asset. This portrait can be used for your CV, business card or LinkedIn profile. A profile with a photo is 14 times more likely to be consulted, according to Welcome to My Jungle. Portraits allow you to introduce yourself directly, which makes you more memorable than a simple name and description. Preparing a photo shoot for a portrait can be trying, so it is important to determine what makes you feel comfortable to reassure yourself before!

  1. Improve your brand image

Professional photography of a corporate event will improve your brand image. High-quality photos will give your company a professional and respectable appearance. These event photos can be used in marketing campaigns to promote your business. By taking natural and spontaneous photos of your employees at work, you will show potential customers an authentic and friendly side.

Photos of your real employers at work (instead of obvious stock photos) will create a human link between you and the customer. Nowadays, in the digital age, the human link is often lost due to the decrease in physical interactions and the increase in online interactions. Corporate event photography allows you to present your brand and your staff. Professional photography campaigns can highlight the unique elements that make up your organization and encourage prospects to take an interest in it and contact you.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – it may be an old-fashioned sentence but it’s true; a single image can speak to your prospects better than any catchphrase. These professional images can be used in social media campaigns, which will help bring your brand closer to the type of followers you are looking for! By improving your brand image in this way, you will help your company achieve scalable growth through direct and profitable marketing techniques.

  1. Improve your employer brand image

The employer’s brand image is becoming increasingly important, especially in the digital age, but what is it about? The employer brand is the process of promoting a company as an employer of choice to a specific target audience (the one that the company must and wants to recruit and keep). Each company has an employer brand, the brand itself being the company’s identity as the employer of choice. However, what the company promotes must be true, credible, relevant and ambitious.

  • Presentation of the company and its activity

Before your potential customers make the decision to buy, they will want to learn about your company and its professionalism. The employer’s brand image will inform your future customers. Corporate event photography is a great way to educate people in a simple but effective way, helping you reach qualified buyers in your sector.

  • Attract the most talented employers

In order to understand how to attract new employers, put yourself in their shoes…

Do your employees make you want to work for your company?

Who best represents your company’s values? Who has a fascinating story to tell about his work in the company?

By presenting your company as professional, unique and trendy (via photos and videos of your employers, offices, events you organize or participate in, and then shared on your social media), you will create a strong and recognized employer brand and encourage the most talented employers to join your team!

  • Bringing employees together through company values

Corporate communication conveys a message about the culture and fundamental values of the company, its managers and employees. It highlights the different people involved in its growth and corporate images are fundamental to the way the company presents itself. Outside your website, corporate portraits can be used on many different platforms, both physical and digital.

  • Stand out from the crowd

The objective is to clearly show the right reasons to contact this company rather than others. It is therefore imperative that your company differs from other companies offering similar services. By having corporate photos taken, you will show the human side of your company, which, if you do it correctly, will also reflect your values and standards.

To get the best, high-quality photos, hire a professional photographer to reflect the image you want to convey.